Kush: Into the Mad World – BBC Africa Eye documentary

(TW: Themes of self-harm and suicide)

Kush – a cheap, new illegal drug high is taking the youth of Sierra Leone to a dark place. Young people driven mad. Young people killing themselves. Young people harming themselves and others. Psychiatric wards are filling up with Kush cases and police are battling to win the war against the drug.

With Kush use spreading like wildfire and with ever-younger users being exposed to it, Africa Eye reporter, Tyson Conteh, investigates the drug and asks whether Sierra Leone can stop the march of this dangerously addictive high.

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Credit list:

Reported and Directed by Tyson Conteh
Producer – Sam Liebmann
Executive Producers – Emma Whitlock, Andy Bell
Camera- Chernor Mustapha Thoronka
Film Editor – Tom Bober
Sound – Santigie Kargbo
Field Producer – Karim Kargbo
Fixer – Franklin T.O M’cormack
Translators – Gibrilla S Conteh, Margaret Deen Kamara, Finda Mories Koroma, Victor Strasser
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Dubbing Mixer – Jez Spencer
Colour Grader – Boyd Nagle
Reversioning Producer – Anna Payton
Digital Producer – Baya Cat
Impact Producer – Courtney Bembridge
Social Media Producer – Anusha Kumar
Production Coordinators – Max Murrain, Sarah Clarke
Production Manager – Simon Frost
Africa Eye Editor – Tom Watson

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